Arbitration and Mediation


Traditional litigation can be unpredictable, expensive and time-consuming. Arbitration offers a faster and less costly alternative. At The Pinak Law Firm, PLLC, Judge Pinak has handled over 100 arbitrations.

Experienced Fort Bend Arbitrator

With more than 23 years of experience as a lawyer and as the first female District Court Judge in Fort Bend County, Judge Pinak brings a professional and dedicated approach to arbitration.


Traditional litigation is not always the best method to arrive at a divorce agreement. Usually less expensive and time-consuming than courtroom litigation, mediation can allow creative settlement opportunities and give you greater control over the outcome. At The Pinak Law Firm, PLLC, more than 23 years of legal experience will ensure you are well-prepared to resolve your legal concerns during the mediation process.

Mediation can resolve the same legal problems as litigation, but the results are by choice and not the choice of a Judge or Jury. The mediation process allows the parties to resolve their issues with advice of counsel. The mediation is in a relaxed atmosphere and the parties are in separate rooms. A mediator goes between the parties and aids in the resolution of their disputes. During mediation, parties can resolve their disputes in one day where the entire litigation process could take six months to a few years. As for cost, mediation would save the parties thousands of dollars.

  • Mediation allows for more flexibility than litigation

  • Mediation is much less time-consuming than a trial

  • Mediation can save the parties thousands of dollars

Experienced Fort Bend Mediator

Judge Vicki Pinak has had extensive training and has handled thousands of cases as a mediator. We know how the process works, and we will make sure you are prepared. Schedule a consultation with our attorney at your convenience.

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